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We are dedicated to original characters. By "original", we mean characters from a world that you yourself created or were inspired to create. We are here to give original characters more exposure, as characters that are already part of a fandom already have an audience.


Please try to submit works that feature your characters at both their and your best efforts.

Think before you submit.

Green Square Bullet by Kawiku All members can submit one deviation per month.

Green Square Bullet by Kawiku Please submit to the correct folder.

Green Square Bullet by Kawiku Please talk about your character or link to info on them as if the people viewing them don't know much about your character.

Red Square Bullet by Kawiku We do not accept journals.

Red Square Bullet by Kawiku We do not advertise contests.

Green Square Bullet by Kawiku Any and all works must feature characters.

Green Square Bullet by Kawiku Fictional characters only, except for you cosplaying your own characters.

Red Square Bullet by Kawiku Characters cosplaying as official characters from franchises are not allowed.

Green Square Bullet by Kawiku All work must be properly credited if references/templates/stock/bases were used as per the original artist(s)' rules.

Green Square Bullet by Kawiku All work must abide by the deviantART Terms of Service.

Green Square Bullet by Kawiku Any artwork submitted to the group must be of your own creation and in your gallery.

Green Square Bullet by Kawiku Should you wish to put your work into storage, PLEASE take it out of the group first

Red Square Bullet by Kawiku We do not accept adoptables submitted by the creator of the adoptables.


We only affiliate with original RP Groups and original character art collections.



It has been over a month now since we reopened, and we've been continuously reviewing our process so we can try and make it easier for everyone across the board.

We've discovered that our current rules are not as specific as we'd like them to be, and people often still miss out on what we're looking for. But adding more information to the rules and guidelines will overcomplicate things, and we're sure we don't need that on all sides.

As a result, we've come up with a quick submission checklist that we (the admins) have agreed lists out what we need for you to avoid getting your submission rejected or a comment from one of us asking for information confirmation.

Obligatory disclaimer: As we are all human and we have differing opinions, different mods will treat each submission their own way as best as they can. We only ask for your cooperation to speed up the process, so that you don't have to worry about it and we don't have so many messages to deal with!

Floating Stars - Divider by SugareeSweets

1. Are you submitting to the right folder? (Hint: Check the list first!) ☐

2. Is the character part of an original world/species set in an original world? (Hint: Always good to state that the world belongs is your creation too, not just the character!) ☐

3. Have you been working on the character for a while and hope to develop them further in the near future? (Hint: Talking about it helps! You don't have to write an entire backstory, but how about design? The world they live in? What do they do for a living? Others want to hear more! Space out your information so we're interested and will try and find out more on our own!) ☐

4. Do you have references and/or other works of the character being a character? (Hint: Link them in your description! Show your character off in the instances you've drawn them! You want to increase exposure to your works, right?) ☐

5. Does your character have a backstory and personality? (We don't accept plain designs, even if based off of themes!) ☐

6. Can strangers realise your character is an ongoing, established character you're working on and hoping to keep working on in the future? ☐

7. Does the work you're submitting have a character-based reason? Such as: interacting with people or animals according to their personality, stargazing because it's one of their interests, etc  ☐

8. If the work you're submitting belongs to the OC Fanart folder (ie it's someone else's), is there enough info for us to know that the character(s) depicted is/are original?  ☐

9. If the work you're submitting is finished, have you stated that in your description?  ☐

10. Please don't forget to credit stock sources!  ☐

Please make sure you can tick off all the boxes before submitting.

Floating Stars - Divider by SugareeSweets

These examples below are what we're looking for, including given information about the characters and noting that they are part of a story of the creator's. While a few may not fulfil all of the boxes in the checklist above, the information given in the artist's description passes our checks.

Characters compilation (new chars added) by Shi-Yin SA: Artemius de Larune -full- by Sage-Wren Edacity Eternal by Altalamatox Facerubs by beastofoblivion Falling Star by Kai-Yan G and V art dump by UrsulaDecay

Mature Content

COMMISSION - Otonho's Grove [Speed Paint] by scificat

We will continue to work on our submission rules as necessary, but please do remember that it takes time and we want to let people learn more about your characters and get to know them, not necessarily just look at the art, because it would be a shame to not let you talk about your characters all you want. C:
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