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Due to real life circumstances (and I will be working out a smaller opening time for us), the group is currently on hiatus.

We will open as soon as we can.



We are well aware of the expiration issues the previous two times. In order to prevent expirations again, this schedule is now tailored to prevent that. My advice to you is to


2. send in your BEST work. You are still only allowed to submit two images every month. CHOOSE WISELY.

We are still having random illustrations with no information on the character(s) depicted. In order to have your submission accepted, you need to just add something small about your character that makes the character a character, etc. This rule does not apply to gift art/commissions/trades/requests.

Yes, you can link back to works with more info on the character(s) if you're not feeling up to the description typing.


We will NOT be giving rejection reasons due to time constraints; you will find your answer in the FAQ or on this very blog itself.

Thank you for your patience.

- Sage


1. Original characters cosplaying as characters from a commercial fandom are NOT accepted in this Group.

2. Work that you submitted to your gallery but is NOT yours is not accepted in this Group. Send the work from the original artist's gallery, NOT YOURS.

3. Fanart and fancharacters are both NOT accepted in this Group, please stop submitting them and wasting your submission chances.

4. You can submit up to two works in the gallery. If you're unsure of the folder, please either ask us or send ONE in if you're too afraid/shy to talk to admins. :P Although honestly, we don't bite.

5. Please remember that the admins have lives to see to! We are not on dA 24/7, and we all do not live in the same country! You may see a few of us on earlier than the others (especially admins living in Europe/Asia), but that doesn't mean we're here to serve you all the time. Give us a period of a day to answer your questions before resending notes/comments. Be reasonable, thank you.

6. If you're in a hurry to get your work submitted (for whatever reasons), please leave a polite comment on your deviation submission process. Demanding rudely will not get you what you want.

7. We're all human here. Please don't bitch at us about i. not accepting your works fast enough, ii. the group's rules, and/or iii. your works being rejected. If anything, we'll just get annoyed at you, and rightly so.

If you're wondering "why do the admins have to keep repeating themselves?", there are a variety of reasons but we're not going to explain them or we'd be here all day. We appreciate you sharing the same view as us, though :lol:

Have a good week :)

PLEASE READ THIS BLOG WHENEVER IT POPS UP. If you don't and you ask on the front page, we'll just link you to this blog.

The current schedule is one week-openings, 2 submission limit per month per person.

PS: If you have had your work rejected, we'd like you to read the rules on the front page. If your art doesn't follow any one of those rules, it's bound to be rejected anyway.

Also, stop sending fancharacters thank you. If you know anyone part of Ocart who keeps getting art rejected and it's all FCs, please tell them we don't accept them period, ok. It really slows down the work, I tell you.

Please be patient and polite with the Sorters, we are not robot slaves
Please don't personally note the Staff, send notes to the Group instead.

If you have any questions, note them to the Group for faster answers.

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